Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teacher as Entertainer

10 number cards (card 1 to 10) were used for spelling of numbers, a P1 topic.

By placing the cards as we spell each number (o-n-e), below the stack one by one , the next card reveals the numeral, '1'.

Is that Magic? No, it's the beauty of mathematics!

After Dr Yeap's 'magic show', we used the cards to find our own explanation. Thought through and discussed what we saw, we came up with some modifications to the effect presented, all while practising basic arithmetic skills and problem-solving strategies.

The magical part of today's lesson was it plays on children's or even adults' inquisitive nature. The spelling game allows us to think critically about what we see. It doesn't matter if we will find the right answer anot.

The goal is to keep us interested in and thinking about math.