Saturday, November 20, 2010

Professional Development

What is Professional Learning Community (PLC)?

3 big ideas:
(1) learning rather than teaching (enjoy learning more)
(2) work collaboratively (learn best with others)
(3) accountable for results (focus on outcome)

4 guiding questions:
(1) What we want students to learn?
(2) How do we know theyhave learnt?

Differentiated Instruction:
(3) What do we do if they do not learn?
(4) What would you do if they already learnt?

PLC provides the platform for us to do Lesson Study where we look into learning opportunities.

Lesson Study is a plaform for sharing from experienced teachers and beginning teachers in context (to explain / intrepret things in an authentic situation). It also enrich teachers' pedagogical knowledge and enhance teaching strategies thus more beneficial for the students.(PLC 3 big ideas).

Closing Gaps:
(1) Collecting detailed data based on 1 child, a pair or a small group of students. (Not the whole class)
(2) Describe what you see and interpret (in context)
(3) Focus on learning goal for at least 1 year.
(4) Pick the selected teacher to be observed last. (everyone takes ownership)

Tonight esstential take-away, would be how to close the gaps in lesson study.