Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MSN discussion

Anticipation was kind of unbearable hahaha very excited to see them online on a Saturday morning. Prior to our meeting on MSN, we confirmed our MSN emails, timing etc with a few SMSes. Thanks to Yueh Yuan our class monitoress, the mobile list came in handy.

Finally it's 1030 and everyone logged in YEAH! After much discussion, we posted the collated list of initiatves on google.doc so that we can have a 'live' document to work on. We updated the years the initiatives were implemented, sourcing from internet, math journals, teaching primary school math resource book and press release. We identified a few major initiatives and subs, cleared some doubts using the 6 thinking hats and explored a few platforms such as pbworks and others for collaborative learning at the same time. Kind of intensive for a beautiful morning. Hahaha but it was fun switching and toggling between, google doc, MSN and pbworks hahaa.

By noon, we had divided the initiatives we retained according to years. Using jigsaw technique, each of us took a portion to do focus reading and summary over the week. We ended our on-line 'chat' with a few guiding questions for our 'take home' assignment. We also decided on when, where to meet and what to prepare for next meeting over MSN and SMS.

Gamsa-hamnida Everyone!

My Second Reflection

Our first meeting at NTU mac last week, was a short but productive one - our first step to group work! Through round robin technique, Lydia, Nurul, Joe, Yueh Yuan and I talked about the different initiatives by MOE, tapping from our prior knowledge, job experience and findings.
With that, we collated a list of the initiatives. We decided on using the jigsaw technique to do our focus reading and group sharing later. We had to end our discussion as we had to attend our AKE tutorial. However, we agreed to meet on MSN over the weekend for our next on-line discussion! Yippy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First AKM Lesson

I ejoyed the lesson crafted by Dr Yap with the use of Tangram to make a square. What I liked about it was the way he demonstrated how we could reflect our learning through coaching. Through the activity, he scaffolded us and the questioning techniques he used worked around the Pentagon Model. He also included areas such the SEL and CLS to build our confidence Hahaaa...especially when we had to arrange the tangram pieces accordingly to his instructions.

I guess this module would be interesting as we will be exploring the different initiatives that have been rolled out in our Primary Mathematics Curriculum, understanding why it is essential to meet the national needs and international trends.

At the back of my mind, I would like to know how to make the children in class interested in mathematics. How to make them LOVE this subject. Other than considering the different factors such as the different learning styles of the children and teacher, the use of multiple intelligences in teaching of mathematics. What else?